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F. Jermyn – Coupons Inc.
“WitzEnd simplifies the complicated world of computers. Their staff is fast-to-respond, efficient and always explain computer behavior and situations in understandable language. Suggested solutions are then presented in consideration of the client’s thoughts and budget.”

WitzEnd Computing has been providing I.T. for nonprofits since 2003.  We were early adopters of cloud services.  We believe the cloud has evolved and is now more stable than on premise server infrastructure.  We have also watched our customers evolve and expand.  They now require anywhere access to their data and expect the same level of security, speed and support in the cloud as they had when their servers were all in-house.

We are the only company to offer Windows domain controller and file server hosting using Amazon Web Services.  Our migration service moves your on premise Windows domain and file servers to the AWS cloud seamlessly. After migration your employees will log on to their computers and access their server files the way they always have without even noticing the server is out of the closet.  They’ll gain mobile access, the ability to access their files wherever they are, all without compromising security and support.