WitzEnd Computing offers comprehensive I.T. contracts for nonprofits in the U.S.

All of our contracts include:

  • Liability support for compliance including HIPPA. When it comes to PII and PHI we’ve got your back.
  • Onsite support as needed
  • Network and cabling support onsite as needed
  • Security is important. We implement and require various layers of security, starting with protection on your computer, network and cloud.  Security includes antivirus protection, spam protection, 2 factor authentication, network intrusion protection, user and computer group policies and disk encryption. 
  • Remote support: if you have a problem we’re there for you. There’s no need to stay at your WitzEnd and live with the problem when most problems can be resolved in 15 minutes or less.
  • Phone Support: We live in a mobile world. Our customers make and customer calls wherever they are, either using a cell phone, desktop app or a desktop phone. Every organization uses their phones a little differently. We spend the time to listen to you to understand how you use your phones and implement them in the best way so you can keep the communication flowing.
  • File access and support: We take the time to understand how you use your files and ensure that you can access them from anywhere without disruption. We also implement backup solutions so you won’t loose your data.
  • Business Class computer sales: If you need a new computer, you need one that will work when you need it and allow you to get your work done. We sell Dell business class laptops and desktops. Our laptop solutions include docking stations and multiple monitors. We understand the cost of hardware but we also understand the cost in low moral and time if your organizations modus operandi has been to purchase used or cheap computers. Many of our customers are able to get hardware grants based on our quotes.
  • We don’t offer 24/7 support.  We find most nonprofit organizations need their technology to work 24/7 but don’t need to pay the $1 – $2k more a month for 24/7 support that they never use. If you contract us we’ll spend the time to set your technology up correctly it will work 24/7 and you won’t be at your WitzEnd on a Sunday afternoon when you need to get work done.

We’re there for you so you won’t be at your WitzEnd!