Move your on premise domain controller to the cloud

  • Free onsite consultation in Southern California and Arizona
  • On premise Windows domain controller and File server migrations to the AWS cloud
  • End users can access their documents from anywhere
  • Easy central access to shared folders from computers located in different offices
  • Easy access to corporate files from mobile laptops or employees working out of their home
  • Maintain group policy and Windows domain control wherever your computers are connected
  • No requirement to upgrade to Windows Enterprise, works with Windows Professional computers
  • Get out of your Microsoft Volume License contracts
  • No site to site VPN configurations or network infrastructure upgrades required

Migrate your on premise Windows Domain Controller and File servers to Amazon Web Services

Has your IT told you that the server needs to remain on premise?

Have they told you that the only alternative to an on premise server is an expensive data center solution?

Our migrations enable your computers to securely connect to a private cloud Windows server in Amazon Web Services. Each computer connects to the Windows domain as soon as they are connected to the internet. Each computer connects through a secure VPN 2-way connection.  All traffic to and from the server is encrypted and authenticated by your domain.  The connection is fast. Your end users won’t even notice the server is no longer on premise.

The WitzEnd Process:

  1. Set up a new AWS Windows server
  2. Add the server as an additional domain controller
  3. Replicate your data to the server
  4. Using TrueStack Direct Connect, set up a secure VPN connection between each domain managed device and your cloud server and point your devices to the cloud server
  5. Demote your on premise server and remove it from the domain

This process can be done in less than a week with little disruption to your end-users.

WitzEnd Computing has been doing cloud and Windows server migrations for 15 years. We understand how a cloud migration can impact and benefit your business. All our migrations are carefully planned and we ensure the transition is seamless with little disruption to your business.

Contact WitzEnd Computing for competitive pricing and a free consultation.  619-301-3501 x2 or [email protected]

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