20 years of experience with Non-Profits in San Diego

WitzEnd Computing offers I.T. services specifically for non-profits, schools and churches in San Diego.  We have over 20 years of experience providing I.T to non-profit organizations and we understand how non-profits operate and we are also aware of various discounted services which will help you’re organization save money.

We have recently heard that San Diego Futures Foundation is no longer offering I.T. Services so we’re trying to help fill that gap.  We’ve worked closely with them in the past to support their customers.

Non Profit Discounts – Non-profits in California are eligible for 50% off of their internet services through the California Teleconnect Fund.  They are also eligible for free storage and emails through Office 365.  Techsoup provides greatly discounted software to non-profits and refurbished computers at a discounted price.  Amazon Web Services also offers yearly credits to non-profits for your cloud computing needs.  If you use us as your I.T. company we will handle all the required communication for these services and any others you need.

Pricing – Our base fee for non-profits is $30 a month per computer.

This includes unlimited remote support Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm and onsite support as needed for hardware or network issues ($125/hr non-profit rate). 

Let us take over! – We will become you’re full service I.T. department.  We’re not just available for problems when they happen. We will work to set you up with affordable and secure solutions so you won’t be at your WitzEnd with your technology and so your problems will be greatly minimized.  We specialize in cloud solutions so you can be mobile, able to work as needed from anywhere.

San Diego based! – We’re also located in San Diego so we can be available to resolve local network or computer issues onsite or even in your home if needed.

If you have time, we’re happy to come out and meet you and look at your network and discuss your needs at no cost.

Call us at 619-301-3501 x1 or email [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Steve Fink CEO WitzEnd Computing

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