“Computers are easy, it's about understanding how people use them."
 - Steve Fink, WitzEnd Computing CEO

Managed I.T. Services for


years experience server non profits


Customers in 8 states from West Coast to the East coast


Customers not at their WitzEnd!

Taking the time to understand the way you use your technology?

We can become your full service I.T. by taking over for you so don’t have to be at your WitzEnd. We manage your computers, cloud servers, printers, network, emails and phones. We’ll take over communication with your Vendors. It’s time you had an I.T. department so you can get your work done!

We’re there for you so you won’t be at your WitzEnd!

I.T. Services for Non-Profits

We know that your employees work at the office, at home and at your customers locations. Let us help them gain anywhere access to everything they need.
Let us take over! – We will become you’re full service I.T. department. You’ll have fewer technology problems and when you do have problems we’ll be there for you.
A better way forward is to avoid the crash all together by planning out your cloud migration before your server reaches the end of it’s life.

Meet our team

Smart people call us last.

Steve Fink


I started WitzEnd Computing in 2003. I’ve found nonprofits to be a good match for my business and for myself. I enjoy the people and the causes that our customers support. I’m a big believer in the protocol OSPF “Open Shortest path first”. I always look for the most straightforward I.T. option for my clients that fits the way they work. My goal is that no one needs to be at their WitzEnd with technology. Send your frustration to us and we’ll make it go away!

Jesse Bowman

Lead Helpdesk

Jesse has 23 years experience in I.T. He has extensive knowledge in networks, cloud systems, computers, phones and software. He has been with WitzEnd since 2020. He works hard to understand your problem and resolve it quickly so you won’t be at your WitzEnd.

 At WitzEnd we understand that a “patch-it fix” is exactly that. We’ll work close with you to put in place resolutions that will last so the problems won’t come back.

Vish Banaiah

Onsite Support Tech

Vish has more that 20 years experience in I.T. He’s been WitzEnd’s onsite tech since 2010. If you see his smiling face you’ll know that he’s bringing the solution. We love his dedication to ensure everything is done correctly, not just done.

Our customers are all over the US and they all need onsite support sometimes. For onsite we diligently look for reliable local help. We work closely with them on every job to make sure it’s completed to the WitzEnd standard.

Time to stop being at your WitzEnd?

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