Onsite/Offsite monitored backup

Your backup is only as good as the person watching it. Let WitzEnd manage and monitor your backups.
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Your backup is only as good as the person watching it.

WitzEnd Computing provides Onsite/Offsite monitored backup. That means our IT techs check your onsite and offsite backups daily to ensure they are working correctly.

A working backup means:

  • The backup was successful
  • The correct data was backed up
  • The backed up data can be restored

Un-monitored backups fail!

Onsite Backups fail: An onsite backup system, such as a tape or external hard drive backup, is prone to failure. External hard drives often crash and tapes corrupt without giving any warning. You may think your backup is working but you don’t find out it’s not working until you have a major crash and the restore fails. You need an experienced tech who can ensure it’s working daily.

Cloud Backups fail: A cloud backup generally sends email notifications when the backup completes but these emails have a way of getting ignored and often end up in a junkmail or clutter folder that no one is monitoring. It again becomes an issue during an emergency restore and you find that certain files weren’t being backed up or your account has expired.

The WitzEnd Computing Onsite/Offsite Monitored Backup:

At WitzEnd Computing:

  • We closely monitor your server onsite and offsite backup.
  • The backups are automated but our techs visually check each backup to ensure it’s working daily.
  • We ensure the data is consistent and can be restored.
  • We work with your staff to ensure the correct data that they need is being backed up.
  • We work closely with your IT and staff on any required restores to ensure that no important data is overwritten on the restore.
  • Our offsite backup service includes 10 recovery points. This means you can restore deleted data up to 10 days in the past.
  • We also monitor your onsite server backup.
  • Your onsite data includes up to 30 recovery points. This means that you can restore deleted data up to 30 days in the past.
  • If we see any problems with your onsite or offisite daily backup we log onto your server, fix the problem and re-run the backups.
  • We adhere strictly to our privacy policy to protect your data and we ensure that your offsite backed up data is encrypted and secured.

Contact WitzEnd Computing for a free backup quote. (619) 301-3501 or email [email protected]

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