Server 2008 end of support 2020

Server 2008 will reach the end of support in January 2020.  See

Most on premise Windows servers are purchased from Dell and come with a three-year warranty.  If you have an on premise server running Windows server 2008 then you’ve probably out-lived that warranty.  I generally estimate the life of a tower server for my customers to be 5 years.  Consider moving your server to the cloud instead of replacing your on premise server.

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Advantages of moving to a cloud server:

  • Your users will be able to access your Windows server from anywhere.
  • You can open new offices without worrying about building out the server closet infrastructure.
  • Your IT will be able to control your Windows computers from anywhere. If an employee decides to cut and run with your company laptop your IT can lock him out wherever they are.
  • Cloud-based Windows servers are easy to upgrade when the next version of Windows server comes out.
  • Windows Server client access licenses aren’t required in the cloud. For AWS Windows servers you can connect an unlimited number or devices or users.
  • Cloud servers are in datacenter environments, which are climate controlled with redundant power, internet and hardware. This is a more secure and stable environment than your server closet.
  • It’s much easier to maintain and monitor backups and recovery points in the cloud.
  • There’s much less down-time in a datacenter than in a server closet. When the internet or server goes down at your office it’s still up at the datacenter.   So you can deploy your workforce to Starbucks and not lose an entire day.
  • Your IT is always onsite. When there’s a server issue in the cloud your IT has immediate direct remote access to resolve the problem. This is much better than waiting for them to drive across town.
  • No more thoughts or worries about a crashed RAID 5.
  • Your IT will sleep better! Hopefully you will too.

For a server migration quote contact WitzEnd Computing. Free migration with a hosting contract. Email WitzEnd Computing at [email protected] or call 619-301-3501.

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